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How to add Facebook login on WordPress website

Are you tired of getting bogus name and email on your website registrations? Well, the easiest and the best solution...

Customize and Secure WordPress Admin Login

How WordPress admin Login URL Works The first step in using WordPress is WordPress login. You will see this type...

7 Ways How Website Maintenance Service Can Help Your Business

Today we will tell you why your business needs a website maintenance service. Usually maintaining a website consumes your time...
17 Ways To Get Your WordPress Site Secured

17 Ways To Get Your WordPress Site Secured

Protecting your website is an important matter just like securing your house. Cybercrimes are happening more often nowadays. Personal information...

Facebook login: How to guide for WordPress

How to Integrate Facebook login into WordPress Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites that everyone has...
WordPress Help

7 WordPress Help & Support Tips

WordPress help at zеrо cost mау be оnlу a Google search away. If nоt, a wеll-рhrаѕеd fоrum post in Stackoverflow...

11 Reasons Why Every Website Needs Scheduled Reports

Today we will tell you about scheduled reports, why you most definitely need it for your website. The scheduled report...

How to update WordPress

Every once in a while you need to update your WordPress website core. No one obligates you to do so,...

How to update wordpress themes

In this section, we will tell you about how to update WordPress themes. The new updates are essential since they...

10 Best WordPress newsletter plugins

Today we will tell you about the WordPress newsletter plugin. What is it used for and why do you need...

25 Interesting facts about WordPress

Nowadays WordPress gets more and more popular. A lot of people who think about creating their own website are choosing...

10 Best WordPress directory themes

What is the WordPress directory themes used for? This time we will tell you about the best directory themes for...