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Stop worrying about your website updates, security and performance...
You should be focusing on your business! We will take care of WordPress.

Premium Support

Get a guaranteed answer to any WordPress related question you might have by our professional support team.

WordPress Updates

Get your WordPress website up to date with our secure WordPress core, theme and plugin updates on a regular basis.

Emergency Service

Your website got hacked or something else went wrong? We are always ready to restore your website from the backups we have.

Offsite Backups

We will make regular offsite backups to our secure data center, thus your website is always ready to be restored when needed.

WordPress Security

Concerned about your website security? We've got you covered - you will get iThemes Security Pro version installed and set up.

Uptime Monitoring

Is your website always available? Get an instant notification when your website is unreachable or is under attack.

SEO Monitoring

Monitor your website rankings on Google for up to 100 focus keywords and get the rankings in PDF report on a regular basis.

Performance Check

We will monitor your site's performance on a regular basis and inform you about website page speed results.

Website Speed

We will optimize your site and improve your WordPress website speed so it loads lighting quick from any device.

Site Edits

You can request simple site edits, like adding or changing content,  new menu item, page, blog post, and even some CSS tweaking.

Malware Removal

Does your website have malware? Don't worry, we will clean your website and remove any malware it might have.

Scheduled Reports

Get a beautiful and actionable report about your website's health, performance and security status alongside with update details.

We are experienced with

WordPress products you already know


WordPress Maintenance

From: $ 29 / month

Make Your WordPress website bulletproof by allowing us to update plugins, themes and WordPress itself. In addition to that, we will monitor your website, keep track of performance, health status, rankings, uptime in a scheduled PDF report.


WooCommerce Maintenance

From: $ 49 / month

Make Your WooCommerce shop bulletproof by allowing us to update plugins, themes and WordPress itself. In addition to that, we will monitor your website, keep track of performance, health status, rankings, uptime in a scheduled PDF report.

How it works?


Select your website type

Whether you have a WordPress website or WooCommerce shop, we offer plans for both.


Pick a Plan or Build Your Own

Pick a plan which suits your business needs the most or set your own terms by building a custom plan.


We Take Care of Your Site

Within 24 hours we will set up your website maintenance account.


Receive Reports on Your Site

Get scheduled website care reports with actionable data straight to your email account.


Enjoy Your Hassle Free Website

Enjoy the freedom of secure, maintained, supported and up to date site.

What are you waiting for?

Improve and secure your website today!

What We Do - In Numbers


websites maintained 24/7


countries worldwide


plugins updated every week


worth of backups every day


Sit Back and Relax

Focus on your business and don't bother yourself with minutiae regarding your website. This is a realm of its own and we rule over it with high expertise and confidence.


What our customers say about our work


As a creative director and designer, I rely on skilled developers to bring our clients websites to life. Alex and his team have been integral in helping us build many sites and maintain them long afterward. It’s a no brainer to have your site maintained just like it’s a no brainer to pay your car insurance. The peace of mind we get when we know our hard work is in good hands goes a long way. Our clients who opt for this service experience little to no website issues even as they age which makes their website ownership stress-free. We like stress-free clients and will keep on using this service as long as we are creating websites!


Flying Horse Design Studio


We've been spending a lot of money on website content editing, adding new pages, minor CSS adjustments per project basis. When we meat Alex he proposed to have a predictable WordPress maintenance service plan where we could get guaranteed hours whenever we need it. This type of plan has saved us thousands of euros.




For me, website editing and keeping it up to date has been always a hassle. Adding new portfolios, editing existing content, updating WordPress and plugins, this took too much of my time. Since I've chosen WP AOS as my go-to WordPress professionals, I've been able to focus more on my business growth. Every week I receive my website care report and see how it has grown and what has been done in order to achieve this growth.


NM Productions


In our family-run eCommerce shop, we don't have any web developers, so it was hard to do anything with our new online shop without paying extra money to developers each time we needed something. 

Luckily we found WP AOS. At first, their service sounded too good to be true, but right on the first day we signed up, we noticed the value. They replied to our emails within minutes and resolved our issue in less than an hour.



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Listed below are the main reasons why companies and website owners like you hire us every single day. Stop wasting your time on website maintenance and keep it to professionals with 10+ years of experience!

We do the dirty work

You focus on your business

Your website becomes bulletproof

You get WordPress expert partner

You get easy to read analytics

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