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How to set up Braintree for WooCommerce?

This article will cover how you can set up a Braintree in WooCommerce website.

What is Braintree?


If you are old enough, you surely might be knowing Braintree as PayPal powered by Braintree. This is because the payment gateway was initially named PayPal powered by Braintree. As you might have guessed by now. It’s a PayPal division that allows you to accept payments from all the places.

Braintree is a payment gateway or we can say a payment method using which you can accept payments from all around the world in various forms. It allows you to accept payments with all the major credit cards and debit cards. As it’s a division of PayPal, one can also make the payment using the PayPal account. So, overall, you can collect payment in multiple ways.

It’s like having an advanced PayPal payment method for your website.

How can you use Braintree in WooCommerce?

Now, the net question that you might have and you probably should have is how you can accept payment using Braintree in WooCommerce, right?

Well, as you might have guessed, there is a plugin available for this. You can easily find the plugin on the official website of WooCommerce. Don’t worry, it’s free. You can quickly install the plugin and then you can get started with the next thing.

Now, before we get into the installation part, it’s important to know why you should be using this plugin over others, right? For that, we will see the features and see why this is the best plugin and what are the advantages you will get if you are using the Braintree payment method instead of others.


Now, we will see the features that are available in Braintree. You will get all these features if you are using them.

Payment Methods

payment methods

Here, all the payment methods are accepted. You can allow your customers to pay using all the major credit cards as well as you can allow your customers to pay using all the major debit cards. This is the main benefit you are going to get here. As the payment gateway is by PayPal, you can also make the payment using PayPal. You can remove the standard PayPal option from the payment gateways and just have the Braintree payment method. Here, the customer will be asked how they want to proceed. If they want to pay using PayPal, they can do it too. Other than this, if they want t pay using a credit or debit card, they can do that too. In this way, you will get the ultimate benefit. You can have two payment methods in just one gateway. PayPal is one of the most preferred payment methods. Although, it depends on the target customer. However, most people out there prefer PayPal.

Easy, Fast, and Secure

Just like PayPal, Braintree in WooCommerce  is easy to use. You can quickly install the plugin on your website and then get started. This is one of the easiest ways you can get started. Now, if you see it from the customer’s point of view, they will have to select the Braintree payment method during the checkout. When they select the Braintree payment method during the checkout, the customer will have to enter the card details at that point.

If they don’t wish to enter the card details, they can simply carry on with the PayPal payment method. This is how you can easily get started. The payment gateway is super fast, secure, and it will give the best performance, W already saw that it’s easier to use this gateway. So, it’s one of the best payment methods you can use.

Express Checkout

Do you see the express checkout option on some of the websites? That’s because PayPal allows you to have express checkout. Using this checkout, you can easily add the express payout. The express payout is the best way to accept the payments. Many people don’t want to waste more time entering the card details. The express checkout makes it simpler for customers to send the payment. Also, that’s the reason why people prefer to save the card details. In this way, they don’t have to enter the card details every time they make a purchase. If you are using express checkout, things will be easier for the customers to make the payment. In this way, you might get more sales due to the same thing. So, that’s another benefit here.

Requirements for adding Braintree for WooCommerce Plugin

We will now see the requirements of the Braintree payment methods. In this, we will see what are the things that you will need if you want to start using the Braintree payments. So, make sure these things are ready if you want to use this network.

  • You will first need an active WordPress or WooCommerce website where you can make the payments. Make sure you using the latest version of all of these.
  • Further, you will need the SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is a must because, without SSL, you won’t be able to use Braintree. You can surely use the free SSL certificate. So, you don’t need to go with the paid ones. The free one will do the job here. The point is that your website must start with HTTPS
  • You will need to create an account at Braintree. You can simply head over to the official website and create one. It will hardly take few minutes to complete the setup. So, this is not a big deal and you can easily do it.
  • Further, you will need Braintree for WooCommerce plugin. You can download the zip file of the plugin and keep It ready.
  • You will also need to set up the legal pages such as refund policy, terms, etc. All these are needed if you want to use the payment gateway.

Once you have all these things ready, you can surely move on to the next part. The next part is where we will see the exact configuration of the plugin. Make sure you have followed all these things and then you can check it out.

How to add the Braintree for WooCommerce Plugin?

We will see how you can configure the plugin with ease. We will see all the things that you should know about it. The configuration of the plugin is easy and fast. We will see the easy way to configure the payment gateway.

Install the Plugin

You can first open the official website of WooCommerce and then find the plugin “Braintree for WooCommerce” that you want to install.

braintree woocommerce

In this case, the plugin you will have to find is this one. You can download the zip file from the website and then you can install it on your WooCommerce website. It will hardly take few minutes to complete this entire process.

braintree woocommerce

Once you have installed the plugin, you will have to activate the plugin. Thereafter, things will be ready.

Create your Account

braintree woocommerce

The next step is where you will have to create an account at the website. You can easily create your account on the official website of Braintree. You will have to visit the website and then you can simply enter the details. Sometimes, it will ask you to further verify your identity to make sure that you are using it appropriately. For some countries, you will also have to enter the details of the business and tax details of the business.

You can simply follow the screen and they will guide you on how you can create your account. Once your account is ready, you can come to the next point.

How to configure Braintree for WooCommerce Plugin?

In the next step, we will start with the configuration of the plugin. The plugin configuration is easy and fast if you know how you will have to do it. All you need to do is enter the API details and you are all set to go.

API details are nothing but a way using which the plugin will interact with the account. In simpler words, if someone makes the payment, it will be directly transferred into your Braintree account this simple process is done by the API. So, you will have to enter the API details.

braintree woocommerce

Just open the WordPress dashboard and then head over to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments tab and you will see various payment methods there.

You will also find Braintree by PayPal option there. You can simply click on the setup option right next to it. When you click on the option, it will redirect you to the settings page. This is nothing but the configuration page where you will have to enter all the details.

At first, you will see the API field. This is the place where you will have to enter the API details. You will see a link from which you can get the API details. You can simply click on the link and then you will get the API details. Just copy and paste the API key from that particular page to your Braintree payment configuration page and you are almost set. Now, the next step is where you will have to do the rest of the configuration.

Enter the Rest of the Details

In the next step, you will have to enter the rest of the details. The rest of the details is the place where you will have to enter the text you want to display and similar things. When the customer is making the payment using Braintree, you can change the text with ease. For example, there are different texts available that you can place. Just change the text and you are all set to go.

Just change the text to whatever you want and you are all set to head over to the next step. In this way, you can make sure that the payment gateway is properly configured.

Test the online payment system Plugin

We will now see how you can test the plugin. To test the plugin, you will have to make sure that you are using the sandbox account. You can create the test account by heading over to the account on the official website.

You will see a way using which you can make the sandbox account. Using this you can test the account and find out various ways using which you can test the account. In this case, you can make the payment and it will directly go through. In simpler words, it’s just like making the payment without any card or without using your actual details.

Once you are done testing, you can turn off the testing from the backend. All of these things can be done directly from the main dashboard. You can head over to the WooCommerce > Settings and then payments. You will find all the details there. This is the easy way using which you can make the changes. It’s the same place from which we configured the plugin. You can do the rest of the things from the same panel.

Final Words about Braintree for WooCommerce as payment gateway

To conclude, this is how you can easily set up the payment gateway. The Braintree payment gateway for WooCommerce is one of the easiest yet powerful payment gateway out there. If you are looking for fast, secure, and easy payments, you can surely go with the Braintree payment gateway.


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