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TOP 10 WordPress Countries

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS out there. You might have heard about various facts about WordPress dominating the internet world. More than 27 Million websites are running on WordPress in the entire world. Ever wondered which countries use the most amount of WordPress websites? We all know the total number of WordPress websites but what about the breakdown by countries? Hence, today, we are going to have a look at the top 10 countries which use WordPress the most in2020.

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#1 United States 🇺🇸

As most of you might have guessed, the United States has the most WordPress users. As most of the websites and online business operates from the US, there are thousands of WordPress websites. The US comes first in our list with over 9 Million WordPress websites. We have only counted the genuine one. There are surely a lot more sites. As WordPress is easy to use and takes very little time to install, there are quite a lot of people who install WordPress and leaves it. We have only calculated active websites. As the US is one of the best places to do business, there are many businesses built daily. The easiest CMS for them is WordPress. Hence, the US is in the top place.

#2 Russia 🇷🇺

Most of you might have guessed the UK would be in second place, right? However, it is not. We have a European country Russia comes in second place in our list of the top countries which use WordPress the most. Russia has over 550k WordPress websites. This is a primary reason why you might be seeing a lot of WP plugins regarding EU’s GDPR rule. Russian Federation has most of the territories spread across northern Asia. With that being said, let’s move on to the third country. Yes, it’s the United Kingdom.

#3 United Kingdom 🇬🇧

In the third country, we have almost half the total websites in Russia. Russia had a total of 550k websites whereas, in the third place, we have got the United Kingdom with 380k websites. The UK with England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland combined come in third place. As London is the financial center, there are hundreds of websites related to it. Even government authorities use WordPress along with thousands of websites.

#4 Iran 🇮🇷

The next country is the list has 280K, it’s Iran in the fourth position. The second-largest country in the Middle list is also in the top 5 country list with most WordPress usage. If Iran goes by the same speed, it won’t take more time for them to reach 300k WordPress websites. When it comes to population, it is the 18th most populated country out there. If you consider the population, it is a pretty great achievement. Talking about the population, we are here with the 5th country.

#5 India 🇮🇳

The second most populous country in the world is the 5th when it comes to WordPress usage. In recent times, the usage of WordPress has increased a lot in India. With that said, India’s total WordPress website count reaches to 275K. In recent times, people of India have been started using WordPress as their primary CMS. If this goes on, it won’t take more time for India to get into the top 3 ranks. India is a place where many languages are spoken. Hence, there are a greater number of websites with a different language.


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#6 Canada 🇨🇦

The country in the top 10 countries to use most WordPress is Canada. Many organizations and educational institutes in Canada use WordPress as their default CMS. Along with all the organizations, companies, and individuals, the total score reaches 222K.

#7 Australia 🇦🇺

The largest country in Oceania has a total WordPress count of 161K. There are a ton of local websites in Australia that uses WordPress as their Content Management System. It manages to be in the top 10 countries in the world to use Wp in the most amount. Most of the local businesses in Australia uses WordPress. There are also thousands of local WordPress hosting providers in Australia providing hosting with local servers.

#8 Brazil 🇧🇷

The largest country in both South America, as well as Latin America, stands 8th in the list of Countries that use WordPress the most in 2020. With over 211 million people, there are roughly 123,000 WordPress based websites running in the country. There are many websites in the Portuguese language that increase the overall number. As WordPress gives you the capability to change the language with ease, one can quickly create websites in any language.

#9 Vietnam 🇻🇳

The Asian country is popular for traveling due to beaches and other sightseeing locations. Hence, there are many travel websites and blogs which increases the total count of WordPress. There are various booking plugins available to save bookings. Therefore, people use WordPress as their basic CMS. The total WordPress websites in Vietnam is roughly 114K.

#10 Germany 🇩🇪

Germany gets into the 10th spot in the Countries which use WordPress the most in 2020. There are roughly 10K WordPress websites. People love migrating to Germany to study and it somehow increases the number of websites. Educational institutes, local businesses, etc uses WordPress as their default CMS. This is why Germany has a place in the top 10 Countries which use WordPress the most in 2020.

Wordpress global usage

Final words

To conclude, these were the top 10 Countries that use WordPress the most in 2020. We have only considered active websites. If you also take the small blogs or inactive blogs, the number might increase as there are lots of individual people who are creating WordPress based website daily. It will also increase the overall score or WordPress count. The other reason why people love WordPress is due to plugins and theme availability. You will find thousands of themes and plugins for free. One can easily start using it to create an amazing website. Hence, WordPress has been the number one choice for all the top Countries that use WordPress the most in 2020.

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