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A New Central Dashboard for WooCommerce

Our team is proud to announce a ‘feature plugin’ that introduces a new dashboard for WooCommerce from which store owners can manage and monitor all key reporting metrics.

WooCommerce Admin is ready for the world so everyone can start benefiting from new reports, while we continue to build features. This is similar to WooCommerce Product Blocks, which started as a feature plugin and will now be part of WooCommerce core.

Highlighted below are key features of WooCommerce Admin.

Track Performance with Statistics, Analytics, and Reports

The WooCommerce Admin plugin is built around a new central dashboard that, in time, will become the default in future versions of WooCommerce, giving store owners a quick overview of how their store is performing and the ability to customize the dashboard to their needs.

14 Unique data points

Store owners can view charted data directly from the Dashboard via 14 different data points, and select any chart to load an associated report for deeper analysis.


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Why Website Maintenance is Important?

Importance of website maintenance is always the question for any business, regardless of its size. Owning a website is just like owning a brand new car.

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Alexey is a WordPress wizard with 8 years of experience as a lead developer, He has launched 300+ WordPress websites and 50+ WooCommerce shops.

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